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About Company

Company Information

Company name : cocone ONE Co., Ltd.

Established : 1st May, 2023

Location of head office : 3-1-18 Wakabayashi Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 154-0023, Japan

Company Executives

Chairman : Chun Yang Hyun

CEO : Kim Sung Hoon

Director : Ishiwatari Mai


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Our avatars are not tools used to enter and play within your virtual world; they’re real reflections of real people. We have over a decade of experience and a team of 500+ designers and avatar creation specialists working to ensure our avatars are as responsive, unique and complex as any human.


With over 133 million downloads, our Avatar Styling apps offer our users one of the largest selections of digital fashion items to curate and style their digital selves. These digital items include everything you can think of from clothing, hairstyles, accessories and plenty of other elements which ensure your avatar is reflective of your individual style.


Everything we build and launch is focused on ensuring our users can express themselves, connect and totally customise their avatars in their virtual spaces.


Using specialized software and approach to 3D modeling, we capture the smallest physical characteristics, such as facial features and body proportions, to take your avatar to the next level of reality.

Digital Items

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Digital Fashion Creation

Our team of 500 top digital fashion designers produce around 6,000 individual digital fashion items each month and to date, our team has created 15+ billion digital items of various types and sizes!

Digital Fashion Collection

Create, collect and cherish unique digital fashion assets from your virtual world. From hats to shoes and everything in between - if you can imagine it, we can create it!

Digital Marketplace

In the physical world, fashion changes with the seasons - in the virtual world, the same is true. Our Digital Marketplace brings digital fashion lovers together to buy, sell and exchange their items directly with anyone, anywhere.

AI CoDA Production Tool

Built completely in-house, our AI CoDA - AI Cocone Design Assistant tool enables our designers to swiftly and expertly create or refine any AI-generated digital fashion item. Ultimately, it combines the best of both worlds - hand-crafted care and tech precision.

Our story so far


Name change to Cocone ONE Corporation (Holdings).

Cocone Corporation was newly established in Japan for service development and operation.

Released C.A.T. Club - Collectible Art Toys Club

Centennial to be launched in early 2024

TOYVERSE to be launched in early 2024


Meta Livly launched

Pokecolo Utopia launched

Purenista M launched

PKCL Twins launched

ClawKiss launched

Janken launched

Released the English version of Livly Island

Released Pokepia

Established Cocone M subsidiary in South Korea

Established Cocone N.Y. Inc

Established Cocone Europe OÜ (Estonia)

Established Gachon Cocone School in collaboration with Gachon University in South Korea


Livly Island launched

Disney My Little Doll launched in Taiwan and Hong Kong

Released Hello Sweet Days in South Korea, the U.S., and Canada

Cocone launched AI CoDA Design Assistant Tool

Cocone ranked 8th in App Annie’s list of Top 20 Japan HQ App Publishers

Livly Island won Grand Prize for Google Play Best of 2021 (Entertainment Category)

Established Cocone Connect

Established Cocone Fashion


Pokecolo Twin launched

Purenista launched

Sensil Global launched

Pokecolo Twin won Google Play’s Award of Excellence - Best of 2020 (user voting category)

Cocone ranked 6th in App Annie’s Top Consumption Expenditure ranking

Established Global Management Center


Cocone acquired NHN Hangame and established Cocone Fukuoka (now Cocone V)

Cocone ranked 7th place in Google Play’s App Consumption Expenditure ranking

Cocone named the 27th ‘Great Place to Work’ in Japan (medium-sized company division)

Cats Atelier launched in English, Chinese, Korean, German, French languages


Cats Atelier won Google Play’s Grand Prize for Best of 2018 (Cute & Casual game category)

Cats Atelier won App Ape’s Award of Excellence - Game of the Year, 2018

Pokecolo ranked 5th place in App Annie’s Top Grossing Apps (Non-game / iOS & Google Play Japan)

Cocone named the 27th ‘Best Company to Work for in Japan’

Cocone ranked 4th place in App Annie’s Top Publisher Awards (Non-game / iOS & Google Play)

Cocone ranked 8th place in Google Play’s App Consumption Expenditure ranking


Hello Sweet Days (in collaboration with Sanrio), Sensil and Cats Atelier launched in Japan

Disney My Little Doll won Google Play’s award for Best App (Social Category)

Cocone ranked 1st place in Publisher Sales for both iOS & Google Play

Pokecolo ranked 3rd place in App Annie’s list of Top Grossing Apps (Non-game / iOS & Google Play Japan)

Opened Shanghai Office (Biz Studio)


Disney My Little Doll launched in partnership with Disney

Pokecolo ranked 3rd in App Annie’s Top Grossing Apps (Non-game / iOS & Google Play, Japan)

Kyoto Design R&D Center opened in Japan

Cocone ranked 2nd place in Publisher Sales for both iOS & Google Play

Established Cocone Institute for Language Education (CIFLE)


Sendai Design R&D Institute opened in Japan

Established Seoul Office (Global Studio) in South Korea

Pokecolo ranked 2nd place in App Annie’s list of Top Publishers (Non-game / iOS & Google Play)

Pokecolo Mini launched in Korea


Pokecolo won Google Play’s Best App award in Japan


Pokecolo Mini launched in Japan


Pokecolo ranked the 8th top-selling app in the iOS App Store


Pokecolo launched in Japan


Foundation of Cocone Corporation