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MOOI Network's Participation at IVS Crypto KYOTO 2023

Mon, 14 Aug 2023

Gathering of 10,000 participants at Japan's largest startup and crypto conference!

First official sponsorship by MOOI Network, what did they showcase to the visitors?

What significance does the success of IVS Crypto KYOTO 2023 entail?


Introduction: What is IVS Crypto KYOTO 2023?

From June 28th to June 30th, MOOI Network representatives participated as an official sponsor at 'IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO' conference held in Kyoto for 3 days. The IVS Crypto conference was first held in 2022 and is held in conjunction with IVS, a major startup event in Japan, which started already in 2007. The event has been gaining global attention as it aims to foster synergy between the startup and Web3 industries. This year, IVS Crypto conference surpassed a total of 10,000 participants, filling Kyoto with the fervor of startups and crypto enthusiasts. MOOI Network participated in the Crypto segment as a Platinum Sponsor, engaging in various official activities such as operating a dedicated booth, participating in panel discussions and delivering exclusive keynote speeches.

Let's take a closer look at the diverse activities and achievements of MOOI Network at IVS Crypto KYOTO 2023.

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MOOI Network garnered strong interest from visitors through Cocone’s attractive IP and various promotional activities.


Day 1, June 28th (Wednesday) : Booth setup and promotional activities

MOOI Network's booth was strategically placed next to the WEB3 Stage, where various sessions on Web3 technology were primarily held. This positioning naturally encouraged attendees to visit the booth, where a variety of MOOI goods designed by PV designers were displayed to catch the attention of visitors. In particular, PV Planning Team's brilliant idea to install a crane game at the booth gained remarkable popularity. The crane game and MOOI goods were produced and procured by Cocone's marketing team in Tokyo and transported directly to Kyoto.

Panel Talk: 'The Future of Metaverse: Shaping the Paradigm of Tomorrow' In the afternoon, Oleg Smagin from PV participated in a panel talk session titled 'The Future of Metaverse: Shaping the Paradigm of Tomorrow'. In addition to Oleg, who participated as the Director of MOOI Network, the panel also included Yuki Endo, CEO of Sandbox Japan; Kent Byers, veteran director known for producing major IPS such as Star Wars, Transformers and Avatar; and Idon Liu, co-founder of ChainGuardians, a pioneering NFT mining game. Together, they engaged in a passionate discussion about the future of the metaverse and gaming industry.

Day 2, June 29th (Thursday): Exclusive Keynote Speech

maxresdefault (1).jpg

On the second day, MOOI Network delivered an exclusive keynote speech on the main stage of the conference. Titled 'MOOI Network: Revolutionizing Metaverse Services and Gaming Economy with Web3', the presentation was given by Oleg Smagin. In his keynote speech, Oleg introduced the diverse and appealing IPS of Cocone, highlighting the fact that 250,000 transactions were generated in the NFT marketplace with just 6 IPs, showcasing how important IPs are in 'Content is King' and Web3 services.

  • Oleg Smagin, Director of MOOI Network

"The partnership between MOOI Network and Cocone represents a significant competitive advantage. This is because Cocone already possesses strong and popular IPs in Asia, especially in Japan. Already having a substantial fan and customer base sets Cocone distinctly apart from other blockchain services."

Furthermore, Oleg introduced the concept of "ease of use and seamlessness of user experience", highlighting the convenient feature of MOOI Network, where users can purchase NFTs with only their credit card. Moreover, he unveiled our vision for future 'Central Marketplace', which integrates a wide range of service IPs, and proposed collaborations with talented creators and external projects, expanding beyond Cocone's internal IPs.


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Day 3, June 30th (Friday): Fostering collaborations across various networks

On the last event day, many industry professionals in the Web3 sector visited MOOI Network booth. This was most likely thanks to the promotional activities and speeches we held on the first and second day of the conference. Individuals involved in NFT-related projects showed significant interest in Cocone's diverse intellectual properties (IPs) and its customer base and fandom, the foundation of Cocone. In addition, esteemed venture capitalists (VCs) and partners expressed their interest in the impressive achievement of Jellyme, which had reached 250,000 transactions in just 6 months, leading to fruitful discussions on potential business partnerships.

  • Sergio Wilson, visitor

"I believe Cocone's IPs are incredibly diverse and of exceptional quality. These IPs will resonate well in the global market."

  • Yasuo Sasaki, visitor

"I know that Cocone is already recognized as an IP powerhouse in the Japanese market. And has a solid customer base. I think that content and customers are the most crucial factors in the field of blockchain services right now. And I believe Cocone has a significant advantage here."

Japan's Blockchain Market Facing Second Renaissance

IVS Crypto 2023 featured significant speeches and sessions that held great importance in the blockchain industry in Japan. First, during the opening event on Wednesday, Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan, delivered a video keynote speech in which he gave substantial support to IVS 2023 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO events.

Furthermore, the talk session on "Japan FSA's initiative on pushing Web3.0: Regulation and Tax on Stablecoin and Digital Asset" held on the first day of the event was of great importance as it provided valuable insights into the direction of Japan's crypto policy. The session, featuring Shiro Okita, Director for Banking and Payment Regulations at the Financial Services Agency Japan focused on the legislative reform regarding stablecoins (cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat currency for price stability). The session also elaborated on the significance of the recent amendment to the Japanese Payment Services Act, which became the world's first regulatory framework for stablecoins.

"Since the emergence of blockchain technology, Japan has been continuously refining its regulations from the perspective of fostering innovation among private businesses and ensuring user protection. By being the first among major countries to enforce regulatory measures for stablecoins, Japan has laid the foundation for widespread adoption of stablecoins as a new means of remittance and payment. The significance of cryptocurrencies as speculative assets has decreased, and focus has shifted to how utility value can be attributed to cryptocurrencies." - Shiro Okita, Director for Banking and Payment Regulations at the Financial Services Agency Japan

Japan was traditionally known as a "crypto powerhouse". In the era before the birth of Ethereum in 2015, the trading volume of Mt. Gox, a Japanese Bitcoin exchange, was so powerful that it accounted for 70% of the global trading volume. However, the situation turned after the hacking of Mt. Gox in early 2014, which led to strict regulations imposed by the Japanese government and Financial Services Agency, leading to a reversal in the market dynamics. Since then, the Japanese government responded to each subsequent cryptocurrency related incident by further strengthening virtual currency regulations, ultimately creating a challenging environment for token issuance and individual investment.

However, starting from 2022, winds of change began to blow in Japan's blockchain industry. While the global blockchain market experienced various setbacks such as the LUNA coin crash and the bankruptcy of FTX Exchange, the blockchain market in Japan suffered relatively minimal damage as a consequence of strong regulations it had previously implemented. In addition, there has been a recent shift in the perception of Web3 within Japanese politics, led by Prime Minister Kishida's administration on "digital transformation" policy, resulting in an increasing voice for the revival of the Web3 ecosystem.

The most significant changes lie in the tax system. As part of stringent regulatory policies, there have been significant changes to the tax policies imposed on token issuers. Previously, token issuers were subject to a 'corporate tax of 30% on unrealized profits', and 'individual investors were subject to a maximum tax rate of 55% on virtual asset gains'. However, on the 24th of last month, the National Tax Agency of Japan announced partial revisions to the "Virtual Currency Corporate Tax Rules", which will exclude certain aspects of taxation on unrealized profits for token issuers, drawing significantly positive responses from individuals in the Web3 industry. Furthermore, expectations for a substantial expansion of the Japanese blockchain market are rising as there are indications for changes in the taxation policies for other aspects as well. The fact that the number of visitors at IVS 2023 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO has exceeded 10,000 participants can also be seen as a reflection of these expectations.


What is the significance of MOOI Network's participation at IVS Crypto KYOTO 2023?

The participation of MOOI Network at IVS Crypto KYOTO 2023 conference holds significant meaning in several important aspects.

Firstly, it marked MOOI Network's official debut at an external event. While PV has been previously involved in numerous blockchain conferences and events, this was the first official debut where MOOI Network set up a designated booth and actively participated in sessions and speeches as an official sponsor.

Secondly, it was the first project that involved mutual collaboration of the entire Cocone group. PV, as the main participant, was actively supported by Cocone T and Cocone ONE during the event, while Cocone V and Cocone M spared no effort in providing generous content support.

Thirdly, MOOI Network was officially introduced to the resurging Japanese blockchain market. This event marked the official introduction of MOOI Network to the Japanese market, highlighting the IP power and customer convenience values of Cocone, the undisputed No.1 avatar service provider in Japan. Following this event, MOOI Network plans to proactively enter into the Japanese market and aims to be listed on Japanese exchanges within this year.

Closing Remarks: Self-purification of the Blockchain Industry, High Recognition of Customer-centric Services

Since MOOI Network’s launch in June 2022, the global blockchain industry has been engulfed in crisis and recession due to the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war conflict, the sharp decline of LUNA, and the bankruptcy of FTX Exchange. It is truly the period of "crypto winter". However, there are also those who see this period of recession as a process of ‘self-purification’. Indiscriminate NFT projects aimed only at capital gains are fading away, while projects that emphasize the value and utility of intellectual properties (IP) and attract customers with such priorities are receiving high praise. Furthermore, efforts to create blockchain services that are easy and convenient for existing Web2 customers to use are gradually increasing. The fundamental principle that a service recognized and valued by customers can succeed is taking root in the blockchain industry as well.

From the beginning, MOOI Network's vision has been to provide a blockchain service for anyone to easily use, while Cocone has become a powerhouse in the traditional Web2 IP space. Perhaps now is the time for Cocone Group's MOOI Network to be recognized for its true value.

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