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Meet AI-CoDA: our cutting-edge tool for creating cutting-edge digital fashion

Sun, 12 Mar 2023

In 2021, we launched the first version of our AI-assisted tool, AI CoDA - Cocone Design Assistant -, to help us produce even more bespoke digital fashion items. Built entirely in-house, this tool is now used by our team of top digital fashion designers daily and has significantly reduced the time required to create a single item and increase productivity, as well as creativity.

What is AI-CoDA?

An easy way to understand this tool is to compare it to how fashion items are created in the physical world. Designers at any traditional high fashion brand will have the tools to help them design and make their newest looks—for example, a pencil, piece of paper, material, and a sewing machine. AI-CoDA is all those tools rolled into one for our digital fashion designers. Using AI-CoDA on the computer, our designers can retouch, edit or come up with completely new outfits and accessories with the touch of a few buttons. The AI built into our tool helps speed up the process and refine the overall quality. What would have taken hours now takes mere minutes.

What’s the impact of AI-CoDA?

As mentioned, AI-CoDA has helped us drastically reduce the time needed to produce new digital fashion items and increase creativity. Now, on average, our team of designers create around 220 new pieces of digital clothing, accessories, hairstyles etc., per day. Monthly, around 4,774 digital fashion masterpieces are released to our users to select and style themselves in. And, the more range of choice people have, the better they can adapt their avatar to be a true reflection of themselves.

What’s next for AI-CoDA?

We have big plans for our AI-CoDA production tool, big plans that involve all our users. Currently, we’re working on making sure the tool is accessible and as simple to use as possible. Then, we’re looking at making it available to everyone and anyone who uses our services. Total ownership and control are vital for realising Cocone’s vision, and giving our users the possibility to not only style but create their look is a big step towards this. Then, of course, our users can even mint their own digital fashion item NFTs and start cultivating their unique fashion collections.

So, watch this space!

Interested in learning more about the in-house technology we’ve built? Or maybe you want to join the team and help us develop the next cutting-edge technical tool. In that case, reach out to us - we’d love to chat.