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Unveiling Centennial - Cocone's collaboration with contemporary artist Mari Kim

Mon, 13 Mar 2023

Renowned artist Mari Kim is venturing into the metaverse as she sets her sights on the global market. As an artist and also the CEO of a fashion brand, Mari Kim is officially collaborating with our Cocone team to launch the Avatar/Metaverse app "Centennial" by the end of 2023.

We'll unveil Centennial for the first time ever at Paris Blockchain Week (PBW), which is scheduled to take place in Paris, France, from March 21st to March 24th.

Centennial is a smartphone app that allows people to experience a new lifestyle and fashion in the near-future metaverse city of Centennial with their avatars. People can personalize their avatar's appearance, fashion, and living environment according to their tastes, as well as pets (called 'alter-egos' in the app). With Centennial, you can also participate in a wide range of community activities and events to earn coins and engage in economic activities such as trading items and real estate.

The launch of Centennial is the result of the unique and inspiring character, 'Eye-dolls' of Mari Kim, which has gained popularity in galleries around the world, including the USA and Europe. ‘Eye-doll’s’ also caught the attention of our team of tech experts here at Cocone having dominated the Japanese and Asian avatar service market since 2008.

Mari Kim will provide original characters and a worldview for the "Centennial" project, as well as oversee the overall design as the project’s Art Director. Our Korean subsidiary, Cocone M, will handle the planning and development of the "Centennial" app, which will be distributed worldwide through Cocone's global network.

Jong-il Lee, CEO of Cocone M, said, "By combining the creativity of the world-renowned artist Mari Kim with Cocone's technology and know-how in operating avatar services in the metaverse for the past 13 years, we have gained a competitive edge that can be presented anywhere."

He also said, "From the conceptual stage, Centennial was designed to target users around the world. It will be the first project to capture the North American market, which we have been steadily pursuing since the establishment of our U.S. subsidiary last year."

Mari Kim is excited to unveil Centennial at Paris Blockchain Week, which she plans to promote through the Cocone booth. Mari Kim is a versatile artist who directed the album artwork and music video for 2NE1's "Hate You" in 2012. She was also the first Korean painter to ever release an NFT in 2021. Now, she is showcasing her incredible talents in her new role in our latest "Centennial" project.

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