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7 pioneering Web3-based launches in 2022: Cocone Group’s annual Web3 business summary

Thu, 16 Mar 2023

Back in 2018, we began researching Blockchain technology. Flash forward to 2022, and we’ve launched our Web3 business. Looking back over this period, we wanted to share some thoughts on how we entered Web3, why we did it and our next steps.

A bit about us

We’ve been operating some of the most-loved avatar-based styling apps and services for over a decade. With offices in 7 countries globally, we’ve built a user base of over 130 million people and gained over 13+ years of avatar service experience. By leveraging our momentum, we’ve accelerated our Web3 business and launched nearly ten projects in the Web3 space.

Initially, the team began by launching our Blockchain operation, MOOI Network, in 2022. Then, we built and successfully released four Web3-based services that contained GameFi based on the same chain.

With extensive know-how in avatar creation and development, plenty of business backing and over 100 employees engaging with our Blockchain and Web3 parts of the business, we’ve retained and even increased the quality of world-class work expected by our users. Ultimately, we aim to give our customers greater ownership by growing the value of the digital assets they hold. We plan to do this by fully utilising Blockchain technology and the fun evolution of our avatar services.

Why we’re entering the Web3 world

Since the beginning of Cocone and Web 2-based avatar services, our goal has been to create a world where daily living becomes more enjoyable by enabling people to express themselves and live truly through their digital selves.

The evolution of technologies such as Blockchain and the broader digital shift has meant that the possibilities of virtual spaces have been expanding. And, with more people and more time spent in the digital world, we’re entering an era in which the digital world is as important as or more important than the real world. This is an era where the diversification of real and digital friendships, economic activity, and the possession of assets in the digital realm is seen as “natural.” The perception of digital activities as ‘natural’ fully align with the world, which Cocone aims to create and support.

An overview of our Web3 business expansion in 2022

Jellyme – Cocone NFTs gathered in one place!

What: NFT Marketplace that brings together diverse assets from the “MOOI Network.”
Who: Launched by Cocone subsidiary, POST VOYAGER CLOUD
When: Launched August 2022

Aspirations for 2023: In 2023, POST VOYAGER will continue to expand the MOOI Network ecosystem centred around Jellyme. They aim to build a metaverse that enables more customers to experience web3 with little-to-no prior experience required. We will also improve the ecosystem and infrastructure so that the value of items owned by customers is recognized.

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MOOI Network - Blockchain specialized in the metaverse domain

What: MOOI is an in-house Blockchain network specialized in the metaverse domain. Since its launch, the team has developed and released additional solutions, such as a wallet and NFT marketplace.

Features include intuitive UI and UX design, low transaction fees, a fast, convenient blockchain, Klaytn Network, Polygon, and bridge expansion.

When: MOOI Network began operation in June 2022

Aspirations for 2023: To focus our operation and development on supporting Cocone’s new businesses responsible for starting our web3 applications by collecting regular customer responses and insight. In 2023, we’ll expand our services while increasing functions that contribute to the goal of strengthening stability and building a network specialized in avatar services. Next year, we plan to prepare a system that allows the onboarding of non-Cocone-specific services and to open as a public network.

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PKCL Twins - NFT x Avatar Service

What: Japanese Blockchain entertainment for women. PKCL Twins is an avatar app where you can enjoy dressing up your twin avatars by combining over 20,000 items. These items can then be converted into NFTs, collected or sold on our NFT marketplace.

To make everything easy to understand for those unfamiliar with Blockchain technology and NFTs, PKCL Twins does not contain “governance tokens” or “utility tokens.” Instead, we have incorporated several mechanisms to increase the value of assets and NFTs acquired by customers within the app.

Who: Cocone
When: Launched in November 2022

Aspirations for 2023: We’ll expand into different markets outside Japan and South Korea. The aim is to show people worldwide that even if you are not interested in NFTs, the accessible experience provided by our latest Web3 services is a top-tier form of entertainment.

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JANKEN: The world's easiest Play&Earn game

What: Turning a world-famous hand game into a blockchain game!

JANKEN is a Blockchain game based on the well-known hand game called Janken, aka Rock-Paper-Scissors. It adds original extras to the original simple game to create a deeper level of strategy. Players can earn paid tokens (JGT) by winning and collecting the “janken/rock-paper-scissors cards” used in the game as NFTs.

JANKEN, which we’re deploying globally, is being standardized with a worldview like that of e-sports so that players everywhere can fully enjoy the game's fun, excitement, and frustration.

Who: Cocone
When: Launched December 2022

Aspirations for 2023: Within one month of launching, JANKEN was being enjoyed by people in the initial target region of Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We plan to accelerate and expand this trend with further development by holding an offline event in 2023 to determine the JANKEN World Champion.

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ClawKiss - dress & Earn with dressable NFTs

What: A Dress & Earn app connecting a vampire community through NFTs. Based on the IP of the avatar brand “Selfy”, which has over 13 million customers in over 170 countries, ClawKiss allows people to become vampires living among humans. Users can earn tokens and enjoy the Dress & Earn aspects of the app while interacting with the community. The app supports English and Portuguese.

Who: Cocone
When: Launched December 2022

Aspirations for 2023: Unlike the other Avatar Styling platforms Cocone has cultivated, this work challenges the “shape of avatar NFT” in Web3. Clawkiss will grow through wider NFT adoption, which we’ll support by helping users cultivate their NFT and token holdings over the long term.

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Meta Livly: The world's first avatar coordination P2E service

What: The pioneer of Cocone Group's GameFi Project, Meta Livly is a Play to Earn (P2E) app that uses the IP of the award-winning avatar app Livly Island. It focuses on coordinating fashion items and caring for cute characters while introducing many to Blockchain technology for the first time.

Developed on the premise of the “joy of playing,” Meta Livly creates a world where players can express themselves by connecting with the community and customizing their digital assets. Based on that concept, we have introduced an original Blockchain-based economic structure through which customers can obtain tokens and NFTs.

Moreover, we have independently developed a system that distributes the profits earned in-app between the people using the app and ourselves.

Who: Cocone M
When: Launched August 2022

Aspirations for 2023: Based on the experience gained from launching and operating the service, we’ll focus on developing a simple and familiar system design that allows the user to smoothly onboard further Blockchain-based Web3 services. In 2023, as the asset value of the items acquired by our customers increases, we plan to continue developing services that focus on the fun of playing.

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Looking forward to 2023

In 2023, Cocone Co., Ltd. will celebrate 16 years of business. During that period, we’ve begun creating a world where people can express themselves as they are through the use of our avatar apps and services. We have also made over 1 million digital assets from scratch and sold over 16 billion digital assets too.

As it becomes possible to create new services that bridge the digital and real-world through NFT-convertible items, we will continue developing four web3-based apps based on the popularity of our earlier releases in 2022.

Cocone's new challenge has begun

2023 could be a significant turning point for the web3 industry. Amidst the daily emergence of new projects and initiatives, we aim to spread our unique Web3 apps and services worldwide. We’ve already made great strides by establishing Cocone hubs in 7 countries worldwide. But in 2023, we’ll push further than we ever have before to bring our ‘metaverse of sensibility’ to people worldwide.

We look forward to taking this journey with you!

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