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Redefining the world as you know it!

Fri, 25 Aug 2023

Redefining the world as you know it!

Get ready to embark on an epic journey like never before! We are proud to announce that Cocone is officially launching in the U.S. gaming and entertainment market with the launch of 3 new global services across Q4 2023 and Q1 2024 – Centennial, C.A.T. Club and Toyverse!

We are thrilled to have PR Newswire share the news of our entry to the US Market!

Digital Entertainment Studio 'Cocone' Set to Enter U.S. Market with Slate of Upcoming Services

Cocone ("The Company"), a leading Japanese entertainment studio at the forefront of avatar and digital fashion creation, today announced its plans to officially launch into the competitive U.S. gaming and entertainment market. Founded in 2008, Cocone has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular studios in Asia, with offices spanning Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, and now the United States. Currently, Cocone has over two million monthly active users (MAUs) across the globe, with over one million unique digital items created and over 16.6 billion digital items generated across its services.

With its catalog of innovative and genre-defining experiences, Cocone has partnered with leading global brands, including Disney and Sanrio. The Company's mantra of reimagining what it means to connect with the world through digital means has powered its progressive technology and created a cutting-edge immersive social experience built around character creation.

Cocone will establish its US presence with the launch of three new services across Q4 2023 and Q1 2024 - Centennial, C.A.T. Club, and Toyverse - with more to be announced in early 2024. The Company's breadth of knowledge is highlighted by its nearly 15 years of experience operating metaverse services, avatar creation, proven capability of connecting virtual world assets with real world economy through a secure ecosystem, and cutting edge technological advancements - including exploration of artificial intelligence. The experience and know-how accrued over the past decade primes Cocone for a swift and successful entry into the Western market.

"We are thrilled to officially debut our services in the United States," said Mari Kim, the lead designer of Centennial and CEO of Cocone NY. "The U.S. has a vibrant gaming community and we think our fresh approach to design and personal connection through the metaverse will resonate strongly with the Western audience. For nearly 15 years, we’ve proven to the industry that we are a leading studio for innovation, creativity, and pushing boundaries, and we have no doubts that our maturity in the space will be a key differentiator when entering a competitive market for the first time."

Globally, Cocone boasts sixteen active services, including the company's breakout hits Pokecolo and Livly Island. There have been over 130 million unique logins created for Cocone's services which have topped sales charts in several Asian countries. Leveraging key learnings from the success of the aforementioned games, Cocone will bring C.A.T. Club, Centennial, and Toyverse into the market over the coming months.

Centennial SNS.png

Centennial is a role playing social network experience where players create and customize avatars, decorate their living spaces, collect and evolve unique creatures, and develop personal connections with other players. Set in the immersive virtual world of ‘Centennial City’, Centennial features a diverse collection of fashion and decor created by artists led by world-renowned artist Mari Kim. As players explore the city, they will display their avatars and fashion collections, chat with other players, and engage in exciting activities, such as music production and more. Centennial is scheduled to launch in Q4 2023.

Kim continued,

"At Cocone we are passionate about creating unique and customizable experiences for our users via avatars. This expansion into the U.S. will unlock new themes and ideas for our design team as we tap into the American spirit of individuality. We hope Centennial will be at the forefront of Cocone’s successful integration into a new regional market."


C.A.T. Club is a secret club where people can collect “Digital Art Toys”, and enjoy connecting with other collectors. Once you join the club, you will have access to the club’s digital world, “My Town”. The Digital Art Toys come in various shapes, such as humans, animals, plants, monsters, and more. The creators have put their hearts and souls into each Digital Art Toy, which makes them true works of art. Players can pre-register HERE


Toyverse is an avatar design experience where players express their emotions and individuality through toy creation. Toys can be customized with extensive options of stickers, colors, designs and more. Players then enter the vibrant and playful world to complete questions, chat with other players, and showcase their ideas and styles. Players will be able to communicate and co-exist with each other in the digital space, capturing the sharing the unique moments that make Toyverse a world unlike any other. Toyverse is scheduled to launch in Q1 2024.

Having already captured the hearts of millions, Cocone is all about delivering unique and memorable digital experiences. Join us as we redefine social connection, unleash creativity, and make history in the U.S. gaming and entertainment market! 🌟🎉

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