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Welcome to the Gachon Cocone School for young entrepreneurs

Sat, 11 Mar 2023

The Gachon Cocone School, created in collaboration with South Korea’s Gachon University, is opening its doors! The school has been established to recognise and foster promising entrepreneurs studying at both Gachon University and other higher education institutions. The ultimate aim is that these students will go on to develop their own start-ups, scale-ups and eventually unicorn companies within the Metaverse and Web3 space.

Unlike existing higher education institutions, students enrolled in our Gachon Cocone School will not only learn the technical aspects of entrepreneurship but also delve deeper into human psychology and behavioural understanding.

To support students on their journey at the Gachon Cocone School, we have appointed Professor Dayk Jang, Dean of the Startup College at Gachon University as the first-ever president of the school. Professor Dayk Jang has made commendable efforts to advance the fields of science and philosophy. He has also received the 11th Republic of Korea Science and Culture Award from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

What to expect at the Gachon Cocone School

The school will benefit from a dedicated space within the Gachon University campus, with around 30 students selected for enrollment each term. The course will provide students with a comprehensive education on all business founding aspects, including entrepreneurship, Blockchain, and UX. Each student will also receive a scholarship of around 100,000 Japanese Yen (approx. $750) to help with their studies.

Gachon Cocone School’s support won’t stop upon the commencement of the course, however. Students considering starting their own businesses will be invited to a selection process before graduation. Successful students will then be offered further support in realising their business idea through mentoring and assistance with attracting investment.

The team at Gachon Cocone School

As mentioned, Gachon Cocone School stands out from other higher education institutions as its founding aim is to support tomorrow's founders with knowledge rooted in practicality and research.

To deliver this unique teaching, Dayk Jang, Dean of the Startup College at Gachon University, will be joined by leading scholars in science and philosophy. The team is drawn together on the idea that human research is the foundation for long-term business growth and success. The course boasts a notable roster of lecturers, including a special lecture on entrepreneurship by Cocone’s Chairman, Chun Yang Hyun.

Other contributions include Professor Jae Hong Choi from the Department of Multimedia Engineering at Gangneung-Wonju National University and Tae-on Ku, an expert lawyer with plenty of experience in areas such as Intellectual Property.

Cocone’s continuing educational support

Since our foundation, Cocone has aimed to contribute to society through the power of IT. This project, alongside the operation of the International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten, which incorporates Montessori, English language, and computer science education, as well as our track record of developing leanings apps, are all examples of this initiative. We’re excited to establish the Gachon Cocone School and will continue to actively engage in social contribution as we grow and develop too.

About Gachon University

Established in 2012 through the merger of four universities, including Gachon Medical College and Kyungwon University. Gachon University has received the top A rating for universities from the South Korean Ministry of Education.

The university’s campus spans the globe and can be found in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, near Seoul, South Korea, a medical campus in Incheon, and a global centre in Hawaii, USA. The university implements programming education for all students and operates various international exchange programs with 92 universities in 24 countries around the world.

About Jang Dayk

Jang Dayk studied mechanical engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), then received a PhD in History of Science and Philosophy of Science from the Graduate School of Seoul National University.

Currently, he is the chairman of the Google Korea Ecosystem Forum, the representative of Transverse Co., Ltd., and the Dean of the founding department of Gachon University.

In 2010, he received the 11th Republic of Korea Science and Culture Award from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Ministry) of Korea.

About Chun Yang Hyun

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1966, he travelled to Japan in 1994. After studying at Waseda University, he graduated from Keio Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance.

He then founded Hangame Japan Co., Ltd in 2000. After the merger between Korean Hangame and Naver, NHN Japan Co., Ltd. was established, he continued to serve as the CEO of the company. In 2006, he was appointed CGO (Chief Growth Officer) of the parent company, NHN Corporation. In 2008, he founded Cocone Co. Ltd., and served as its CEO. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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