Centennial Logo
Centennial Main Visual
Centennial Main Visual

With the combined efforts of renowned artist Mari Kim’s exceptional style and our advanced avatar technology, Centennial is a world unlike any other. With a vast array of avatars, life forms and social activities, people’s experience with Centennial is as diverse as the characters within it. Prepare to enter Centennial's diverse world already in February 2024!

TOYVERSE Main Visual

Embody and visualize your emotion and individuality through toys! Through TOYVERSE, we aim to let our users create their own digital toys. Project sensitivity and individuality in toy form, and share precious moments with others. Communicate and co-exist with each other in the digital space.

C.A.T. Club Logo
C.A.T. Club Main Visual

C.A.T. Club is a secret club where people can collect “Digital Art Toys” and enjoy connecting with other collectors. There are various shapes of Digital Art Toys, for example, humans, animals, plants, monsters, and even rocks?! The creators have put their heart and soul into each Digital Art Toy, which makes them true works of art.

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Pokecolo Main Visual

Loved by over 20 million people in Japan & South Korea, Pokecolo is a leading Avatar Styling and Beauty app. The app boasts over 40,000 digital fashion items to style your digital self and socialize with other people. You can connect with other people, trade your fashion items and participate in various monthly fashion events.

Livly Island Logo
Livly Island Main Visual
Livly Island Main Visual

Create your very own island and care for Livlies, the creatures that live in this captivating world. Build their homes, grow trees, mix and match their outfits, create potions for your pets and even transform them into different species of Livlies. The possibilities are endless for you and your Livlies on this little island!

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Disney My Little Doll Main Visual

Enjoy playing with Disney characters magically brought to life as "Little Dolls" in this styling app! Hang out with beloved Disney characters in a diverse selection of settings. Love all things Disney? Don't miss out! With 600+ unique themes and counting, you can meet Disney characters in just about any environment. Collect Disney characters in their magical "Little Doll" forms and play together!

Hello Sweet Days Logo
Hello Sweet Days Main Visual

Become your very own stylist or interior designer with Hello Sweet Days. Create and customise your looks while throwing parties with some of your favourite Sanrio characters, such as Hello Kitty and Cinnamon Roll.

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Pokecolo Twin

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Pokecolo Utopia

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Chocotto Land

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Niagho, Cats Atelier